National Flower of Singapore - Vanda Miss Joaquim

The national flower for Singapore is the orchid Vanda Miss Joaquim.
Vanda Miss Joaquim (Chinese: zhuójǐn wàndàilán), also known as the Singapore Orchid' and the Princess Aloha Orchid is a hybrid orchid cultivar that is Singapore's national flower.

The flower is named after Agnes Joaquim who found the orchid in a clump of bamboo. An amateur historian has suggested that Miss Agnes Joaquim actually bred the orchid which bears her name. This suggestion is accepted only by a few hobby orchid growers. It was not, and is not accepted by orchid scientists because the available evidence does not support the intentional hybrid idea. The evidence suggests that Vanda Miss Joaquim is a natural hybrid between the Burmese Vanda teres and the Malayan Vanda hookeriana. It is not known which of the two species produced the seeds and which one provided the pollen. When hybrids are made intentionally these facts are known. They are not known for natural hybrids. The hybrid was shown to Henry Ridley, the director of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Ridley examined it, had it sketched and sent a description to the Gardeners' Chronicle writing that: ‘A few years ago Miss Joaquim, a lady residing in Singapore, well-known for her success as a horticulturist, succeeded in crossing Vanda Hookeriana Rchb. f., and V. teres, two plants cultivated in almost every garden in Singapore.’

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