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Mae Hong Son, Thailand’s second northern most province, is sheltered by several high mountains and has a cool climate almost all year round. Mae Hong Son is approximately 924 kilometers from Bangkok and around 250 kilometers from Chiang Mai. Mae Hong Son is bordered by the Union of Myanmar (Burma) to the north and the west. A strong Burmese influence can be seen throughout the province’s temples and buildings’ architect. The population of Mae Hong Son include Thai Yai, which is the minority from Shan state and various hill tribes such as Karen, Hmong, Lahu, Lua and Lisu, scattering in the districts.

A national park in Mae Hong Son Province on the Doi Mae U-kor, Mae Surin National Park is blessed with waterfalls and a vast field of wild sunflowers (bua thong) which bloom in November. You can visit a Hill Tribe in Khun Yuam district. However getting to this national is in itself a challenge as Mae Hong Son Province is over 900 km from Bangkok and can be reached by air and then by road to Khun Yuam district and on a further 90 km to Doi Mae U-kor.

The Mae Hong Son province of Thailand is awash with golden hues in November as its wild sunflowers burst into bloom. The Bua Tong (a wild sunflower with the scientific name tithonia diversifolia) is celebrated in Khum Yuam and another great site to view the flowers is Doi Mae U-Kor. When the flowers fade, the seeds are collected to make insecticides.

From the 1st November 2006 up to the 15th December 2006, visitors will witness a spectacular scenery in Thailand at the Doi Mae U-kor mountain peak in Khun Yuam district of Mae Hong Son province in Thailand. The hills and valleys seen here, one of Thailand’s most naturally scenic areas, turn to amazing golden color when the Dok Bua Tong wild sunflowers comes into full bloom during this time of the year.

Trip route from Khun Yuam district is quite tortuous. You have to go up and down along the hillside slope. (picture) Along 108 highway (Mae Hong Son – Khun Yuam). Leave 1 kilometer before reaching the Khun Yuam, turn left to Highway No 1263, along 26 kilometers on asphant road. You will see a picture of yellow field from long distance.

Blossom period of Bua Tong is Nov till late Dec every year. The gigantic size of Bua Tong field covers more than 1,000 rai. In the afternoon, sunlight becomes orange and beautiful color of Bua Tong that impress all visitors.

Thung Dok Bua Tong (the Mexican sunflower field), (Thai: ทุ่งดอกบัวตอง) is particularly popular at the end of the year. During this time, this mountainous region turns a brilliant yellow as the Bua Tong flowers reach their full bloom. Sunflowers are gradually went down when you drive far away. However, you still drive along the hillside and have a good chance of taking a panoramic picture.

During the season, a lot of tourists mainly come from Bangkok. Tent setting is on the hill top. Some came with a tour company, so food and accommodation are more convenient. Toilet is also available but farther down from hill. You may choose to sleep in a local hut below the hill, near Doi Mae U-kor. Rate should be around 500 Bht/night.

Cool throughout the year. It is very cold in the winter. There are heavy fogs in the morning and cold during the day because of the wind blows all day long. It’s Hill Evergreen Forest and Pine Evergreen Forest. Most of Hill Evergreen Forest has been found in the north and west of Tung Bua Tong. Flora species grown around the hill slope and valley consist of Castanopsis species and so on.

In the eastern and southern part of Tung Bua Tong, Pine Evergreen Forest has been found. It’s planted by the Forest Industry Organization based on its concession condition. Flora species found are Pinus merkusii and Pinus kesiya.

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